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Promoting opportunities for a career in film

When Jennifer Bertram had his interest in film to write, it can refer to any case of "Josie and the Pussycats." after all, was his first cinema experience in your garage, where filmed a music video with her friends for one of the songs from the film. And your last experience was with "Girls in the Director's Chair" where he met in a real film for a week and a Rachael Leigh Cook short film film, coincidentally, it played as the protagonist in the film created "Josie and the Pussycats".

The program
"Girls in the Director's Chair" is a cinema, sponsored by Stayfree ® program, 20 youth (14-19 years) can learn more about the film industry to get the opportunity to work with actors live and the team in a movie for a week. Why? According to the film, only 17 percent of large works behind the camera of women occur while only seven percent are women.

Melissa Solotruk, program spokesman says "girls in the Director's Chair" is large, these young people give the resources for real in the film experience, especially because it has the most high school film programs. "It gives them the opportunity to speak and not the young, be partial," says Solotruk. "See, each item [program] helps you to decide which area want to specialize."

Future filmmaker
"" "Girls in the Director Chair of the" has given the confidence that I need to work on some of the greatest films I ", says Shauna Fleming, another student in the program, Chapman University (Orange, CA) wants to visit in the fall of public relations and advertising for the entertainment industry. ''I have to work behind the camera, Assistant directly, work with light, sound and editing on the part of the film. It was great. "I have to see what I have and what I do not particularly care."

The program is a final booster. "I feel more confident in my skills and abilities as I am, I am," Bertram says a double major in film and theatre at the University of Stephens (Columbia, MO), which aims to pursue a move to Los Angeles after his film career. She learned about the program from a friend who had found him.

Bertram enjoyed their experience. She got to see all aspects of cinema, from the creation to the finished product. "I have lots of experience in post-production, I learned in my classes", he says. "" Had not learned much working as a producer before "Girls in the Director's Chair". It was new for me." In addition, Bertram had put investment-grade school program of the film in the practice of their knowledge. "The best part of the experience was that I can share what I know with the girls more youths who were there." This allows you, your skills, implemented, receiving up to not make students tend to have the degree and began his film career.

A film program is a great way to learn something, gets excited. Whether it be a film director, producer or editor, you will learn the basic concepts and eventually specialized in what you are interested in. Some classes you can take depending on the school, containing the history, techniques, sound and kinds of different genres. The aim of the film programs, tends to be a student to give a good starting point and knowledge of the film and the film industry. Bertram met no film school, until she came to the University. Analysis, direction and the higher classes of the production took basic film once there. On the other hand, Fleming is a kind of film/media in her high school, where observed and analyzed movies. This certainly preparing to fulfill their dreams of film. "My goal is to break and advertising of big budget films," he says.

Competition for Directors is certainly high, since one of the glamorous and coveted jobs in the film industry. The actual function of the Director of the interpretation includes script and its presentation on the screen. They are extreme in most aspects of the film. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States estimates that producers and directors did a wage per hour from about $36 for the film industry in May 2004. However, they say that the salary of the Board of Directors, varies depending on the project and the industry. A film in an accredited university program is surely will enhance your career.

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